Claire Rose

A Second Chance.

I thought I took really good care of myself. I had all of the practical aspects covered – regularly booked car services so I had reliable transport, dental check ups, hair cuts, regular exercise, secure job, savings in the bank, emergency money, health insurance, nice clothes, comfortable shoes, dined out and enjoyed regular entertainment.

Yep, on the outside my life looked great. I was studying two courses and getting the best grades I had ever achieved, on top of numerous certificates and qualifications I already had. I was a few months into a management role at work and earning the most money I had ever earned. My relationships were good, I was living in a great unit, was debt free, ran each morning before work, played sport on the weekend, and socialised with family and friends.

However, my life was very hectic. I was always busy, had things to do, so I didn’t notice the little niggles here and there. I was young, it will be all right.  But it wasn’t. I was very stressed and tired, had been for quite some time but I didn’t know any different because I was too busy to notice. I was suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually from the stressful, hectic life I was living.  I was extremely exhausted and I felt a missing piece inside of me, a hole in my soul.

At the time I didn’t know what it was let alone how to fill it. It took a cancer diagnosis for me to begin change that.  With time to slow down and reflect, I realised I wasn’t happy with my life. My life was out of balance and changes had to be made. I also learned I wasn’t very good at looking after myself on the inside at a deeper level. Cancer was the journey that provided the gateway to finding the journey which would lead me to begin to find my missing peace.

My focus shifted to getting to know myself as much and as deeply as I could through personal exploration and development.  This happened through retreats, workshops, courses, weekly meditation evenings, Soul Focused Psychotherapy sessions, Qi Gong training (ancient Chinese energy practice), Chakra courses, Reiki workshops, Yin/Yang and Archetype workshops, and reading numerous books by numerous spiritual teachers. These all had such a profound effect on me, I was inspired to returned to study with a pull to share and help others at a deep level from my own experiences. As a devoted lifelong spiritual student, I continue to study and attend retreats, courses, workshops, read books and explore the levels of awareness and consciousness, connecting with the soul and learning from numerous integrous teachers and other spiritual students. 

Having traversed through very deep personal challenges, having faced aspects of myself that weren’t easy to face and letting go of some core beliefs that weren’t supportive of a vibrant healthy life, my life is very different to how it was.

More than ten years on I remain cancer free and have never felt such a vibrant level of wellness before, or such gratitude and happiness. I continue to nurture a deep passion and devotion to living a healthy balanced lifestyle, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as I see my health and wellbeing as my responsibility.

The inner relationship I have with myself continues to deepen and evolve and is the foundation for each experience and relationship on the outside.  My life is increasingly rich and loving everyday. I feel whole again and it is a joy to share this with others.

I feel blessed to have been gifted this second chance.

As a therapist, I offer lived experience and a deep passion and commitment to assisting you on your journey to find and create more balance in your life, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or a combination. 

Through willingness to explore yourself to identify and become aware of imbalances, you will discover your own inner wisdom, strengths, abilities and deeper purpose, replacing old ways with new ways of being, thereby creating more balance and overall wellness in your life, and inviting in new possibilities and potentials into your life.