Claire Rose

Balancing Act

This fun 6 part workshop offers you ways to learn how to create more balance in your day-to-day life, through focusing on restoring, building and maintaining your energy levels, to a level of wellness to suit your lifestyle.


It is learning about yourself, getting to know your inner world, explore and discover new things about yourself, and look at new ways of creating more balance in your life using the tools learned in the non-judgmental, fun space provided. 


This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to get to know themselves better, and how and what you do can effect your energy levels, and therefore quality of life. You can then create the changes you feel you require in order to live a more fulfilling life, with increased energy and enthusiasm for life.

“Balancing Act” is open to people who:

  • would like to create more balance in their life
  • would like to improve their energy levels
  • interested in making lifestyle changes
  • would like to get to know themselves better
  • feel unsettled, out of balance, stressed, tired, anxious etc
  • feel something may be missing in their life
  • feel stuck on a treadmill and can’t get off

A series of demonstrations and topics include:

  • introducing your inner self
  • the levels of consciousness
  • Yin & Yang (male / female energies)
  • thinking vs. feeling
  • awareness and the witness to the inner relationship
  • self nurture, honour and respect
  • identify how we take on emotional baggage
  • consciously learning NOT to take on emotional baggage
  • maintaining a wellness level for yourself to live in / from

Changes you may experience during and after the workshop aren’t limited to:

  • more inner and outer balance in your life
  • better understanding of your Self
  • more appreciation and compassion for yourself, others, life
  • less stress
  • improved relationships
  • more energy, positive outlook
  • feel more empowered
  • self care, wellness, nurturing
  • emotionally lighter
  • feel more grounded, centered within yourself
  • discover a new direction in your life

My passion is supporting you towards increased wellness, and helping you learn ways to honour and nurture yourself.  This can be achieved through a process of identifying and becoming more aware of imbalances in your life.  From this, we can work with your own inner wisdom, strengths and abilities to empower yourself to make lifestyle changes and create more balance in your life.

Next Course Dates to be advised – watch this space